Delphi MaxStart has a nationwide limited battery warranty.
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Flush Cover Design
Improves battery performance and safety, simplifies maintenance.
Gas Venting
Venting disperses acid gas, deterring post corrosion.
Fortified Posts, Straps & Welds
Protects posts from acid damage, resists vibration damage and maximizes current transfer.
Demineralized Electrolyte
Ultra-pure, precision filled for extended battery life.
Power Grids
Full-Frame positive and negative plates maximize power flow and energy storage, and eliminate shorts cause by wire grids.
Plate Curing
Proprietary filament paste crystallization pressed into grid helps extend shelf life and enhance power delivery.
Short Protection
Separators have thick back web material that prevent plate-to-plate shorts.

Battery Facts

What is the difference between each battery?
Batteries differ in the technology inside the battery, the amount of materials used to build them, cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC). As the amount of materials used in the manufacture of the battery increase (e.g. lead, acid mixture and the number of cells), so does the cost, CCA and RC.

What is an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery and why is it important?
Absorbed glass mat technology provides better cycle life and faster recharging than traditional flooded batteries. It delivers dependable starting power while also providing power to the many electronics found in today’s vehicles. Anything that plugs in or is turned on needs a battery that can handle the demand for power.

As OEMs continue to increase their standards for replacement batteries, the AGM battery helps meet those requirements for cold cranking amps, reserve capacity power, cover designs, dimensions, case hold-down and critical venting systems.

What is Reserve Capacity (RC) and why is it important?
Reserve capacity is a measurement of the number of minutes of reserve power the battery has. The number is more important now because of the drain put on batteries from today’s technology, like the car alarm, remote start, back-up camera and more.

Reserve capacity is important because it helps ensure that the power to start your vehicle is there when you need it, especially if the engine hasn’t run long enough to replace the energy used.

What is Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and why is it important?
Cold Cranking Amps are useful in the selection of car batteries because it represents the power output used to crank a cold engine for 30 seconds. The number of cold cranking amps you need depends on your vehicle and how cold it is where you live. The colder an engine is, the more power it takes to turn the engine over to get it started. Plus, the chemical reaction in the car battery that creates electrical energy is less efficient in the cold. Simply put, if you live where it is cold, you will need more CCA.

Many people think that cold weather does more to reduce the life of a battery but the opposite is true. Heat does more damage and it shows when CCAs are needed in cold weather.

What are the top causes of battery failure?
  • Heat - The battery cells expand and contract due to changes in temperature, if the positive and negative plates touch, they cause a short and the battery fails.
  • Vibration - Exposure to heavy vibration eventually breaks down the working plates causing a short and battery failure.

Battery Tech Tips

Battery Care & Maintenance Poster
A guide to car battery testing and care.
Battery Care & Maintenance for Professional Technicians
When carrying batteries, it’s important to follow some simple tips. If you’re carrying Delphi MaxStart batteries in the U.S. or Canada, download this document or call 877.GO.DELPHI to order a poster for your shop.

Warranty Information

What is your warranty program?
MaxStart AGM: 36-month Free Replacement
MaxStart 42: 42-month Free Replacement
MaxStart 30: 30-month Free Replacement
MaxStart 18: 18-month Free Replacement
For warranty claims:
Call 1 (855) 822-8434
For more information, call the Delphi Battery Hotline:
Call 1 (866) 227-9051
What is covered by the limited warranty?
  • Warranty limited to the original purchaser
  • Warranty limited to the original vehicle
  • Warranty may not be transferred to a new vehicle owner
  • Must be in possession of the original or readable copy of the original receipt.
  • If within 25-miles or less of the original place of purchase, the consumer must go back to the place of purchase.
  • If over 25-miles, the warranty administrator will provide the nearest participating facility.
  • The warranty starts from the original purchase date.
  • If the battery is replaced during the free replacement period, the warranty continues from the original purchase date.
  • The warranty is not extended.
  • Warranty covers defects in materials and or workmanship. Discharged batteries are to be recharged and put back into service.
  • A warranty replacement battery is to be of same or like kind in terms of battery group size and quality.
  • Call our Battery Hotline at 1 (866) 227-9051 with questions.
  • For warranty claims, call 1 (855) 822-8434.
What is Not Covered by this Limited Warranty?
  • Warranty does not apply to discharged batteries
  • Warranty does not cover or reimburse for: Labor Costs, Battery Installation Costs, Towing, and any caused Damages.
  • Warranty does not cover: Frozen batteries, Tampered with batteries, Additives, Faulty Electrical Systems, Fire, Flood, Wreckage, Neglect, Abuse, Misapplied Application.
  • Warranty claims outside of the United States and Canada are not covered.
What if the consumer cannot find their receipt for the battery?
The consumer must be able to provide proof of purchase. If they cannot provide a receipt, then the claim cannot be filed and processed.

What if the battery tests “good”?
If the battery tests “Good,” the claim cannot be processed.

What if the consumer wants a different group size or type of replacement battery?
Replacement is only authorized for a full replacement of a battery in warranty of a like kind, type, and / or group size.

What if the service provider will not accept payment via a Credit card?
The consumer has the option of going to an accepting service provider and purchasing the replacement battery of like kind, type, and / or group size and then submitting a copy of the sales receipt within 60-days for reimbursement.

Technical Questions: 866-227-9071
Warranty Claims: 855-822-8434


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